Add multiple bi-translation at once

At this page you can add multiple translations at once. In the text-area below you can write translations one by one in separate lines.


Adding multiple translations is relatively easy. Use the form below.

  1. Select left and right language
  2. Write new translations in the text-area in form:
    1. phrase1 in left language @ phrase1 in right language
    so that each translation is in separate line, and translations are separated by @ sign. To show an example (Polish-English pair):
    1. komputer @ computer
    2. nigdy więcej @ never more
  3. Click submit to add typed translations, remember to be logged in

Additional translation information

The advanced feature is that you can add not only translations but also some meta information about them like: gender, part of speech or phrase definition.

  • Gender in {} signs, for example {masculin} or {f}
  • Part of speech in [] signs, for example [noun] or [v]
  • Definition or meaning, in (), for example (a phrase that is said to welcome someone)
  • Example sentence in "" signs, for example "When I saw a cat, it was running away."

Here is an example of input with additional data

  1. pies {m} [rzeczownik] (czworonożne zwierzę, które szczeka) "Kocham psy" @ dog {m} (four legged animal, that barks) "I love dogs."
  2. kot {m} @ cat

Remember to set languages correctly! Double check whether left language is really left language.

If anything is unclear: contact us.

Please don't send more than 5.000 translations at once.

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